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Adult League - Laws of the Game

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All games shall be in accordance with the FIFA “laws of the game”, except as modified below.

Competition sanctioned by this association shall abide by the “laws of the game”, along with any modifications or regulations of HSC.

LAW 1: Field of Play

Field shall be at 70 yards long by 35 yards wide.

LAW 2: Number of Players

All teams will play 6 per side.

Teams must have a minimum of five players on the field to start a game. A 5-minute grace period will be in effect for the first game of the day only.

Substitutions shall be unlimited.  Substitutions may be made at any time during the game as long as the player leaving and entering the field does so at midfield and/or without gaining an unfair advantage.

The substitute shall not enter the field of play until the player he is replacing has left.

During REGULAR season, teams may 'borrow' ROSTERED players from another HSC Adult League team.

Use of players not registered with the HSC Adult League will result in a forfeit. This is a liability issue and there can be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Teams must play with a minimum of 4 of their OWN rostered players. A team with less than 4 rostered players will result in a forfeit for that team.

Teams cannot borrow more players than they have on their own and cannot exceed 12 total players. (*This rule to be implemented beginning Summer 2019 season.)

During Playoff / Tournament play, teams must play with their rostered players only.

LAW 3: Players’ Equipment

Player equipment must conform to HSC rules.

  1. Footwear: regulation soccer cleats with rubber-soles (not football cleats), plastic cleats, and detachable rubber cleats that screw into the shoe, and tennis shoes are the only permissible footwear.  All else must be approved by HSC.
  2. Teams will wear uniforms of matching color.
  3. If eyeglasses are worn, they must be unbreakable.  Each player is responsible for the safety of his/her own eyeglasses.
  4. Headwear: Players may wear a knit or stocking cap (no caps with bills except for the goalkeeper) during play.

LAW 4: The Duration of the Match

Games will be played with two 25-minute halves, and a three-minute half time.

Overtime Periods in Regular Season Matches: If there is no score after regulation time, Penalty Kicks will follow (FIFA Rules, but only 3 players per team). If after one round the match remains tied 3 more players from each team will take Penalty Kicks. If the match remains tied after the second round of Penalty Kicks, the first one to miss a goal will be proclaimed the loser of the match. Due to the size field and to give the goalkeepers a fair chance, Penalty Kicks will be taken from the 18.

Overtime Periods in Playoffs: There will be no Overtime periods in preliminary matches. Playoff matches will have two 5-minute overtime periods, “Golden Goal” format. If there is no score after overtime, Penalty Kicks will follow (FIFA Rules, but only 3 players per team). Due to the size field and to give the goalkeepers a fair chance, Penalty Kicks will be taken from the 18.

LAW 5: Offside

The offside rule will NOT be in effect


There is NO SLIDE TACKLING, period. A slide tackle will result in an automatic yellow card.

(Definition) A slide tackle occurs when a player leaves his/her feet and leads with his/her feet to play the ball while the ball is in the proximity of another player. A slide tackle does not require that any contact occur between players.

Sliding to keep a ball from going out of bounds, or to stop a ball that does not endanger another player is not a foul.  It will be up to the referee’s discretion as to whether or not a player’s participation from the ground is dangerous.

(Goalkeepers) A goalkeeper may leave his/her feet to play the ball inside the penalty box. A goalkeeper leaving his/her feet within 6 feet of another player must do so with their legs in a safe position (not pointed at an opposing player) and may not at any time attempt to kick at the ball with their feet while on the ground. Doing so will be deemed a slide tackle.

LAW 7: Free Kicks

All fouls outside of the penalty area will be awarded a free kick.

All free kicks are indirect with the exception of corner kicks.

The defensive players can be no closer than 4 yards to the ball

LAW 8: Throw-Ins

All balls that go out of bounds on the sidelines will be put back into play via a throw-in.

Defenders must be 2 yards away from the thrower.

LAW 9: Goal Kick

Ball may be kicked from on or anywhere within the goal box (6-yard box).

LAW 10: Corner Kick

  1. A corner kick shall be awarded to the attacking team when the entire ball passes over the goal line, excluding the area between the goal posts and under the crossbar, either in the air or on the ground, having last been touched or played by the defending team.
  2. A corner kick is the only free kick that is considered direct.
  3. Players of the defending team shall be at least 4 yards from the ball until it has been kicked.
  4. The ball shall be kicked from the ground within the quarter circle, including on the lines, at the corner nearest where the ball left the field of play.
  5. After the corner kick, the ball must be played by another player, before the one who executed the kick plays the ball again.

LAW 11: Penalty Kick

  1. Fouls/Infractions inside the goal box will result in a penalty kick.
  2. Penalty kicks will be taken from 8 yards out from the goal line with one goalie who is allowed to use their hands.  The spot for the kick will be indicated on the field. The player may take as many steps as they want in their run-up but must start inside the goal box.

LAW 12: Violations and Bookings

  1. A player receiving two yellow cards in one game will be ejected from the current game and their next game.  The team will have to play down a player in this case for the current game.
  2. A player receiving a red card in a game will be ejected from the current game and their next game, and the team will have to play down a player in the current game.
  3. Yellow cards will carry over throughout the season.  A player receiving 4 total yellow cards in a season will be allowed to continue playing the current game where they received their fourth card but will have to sit the next game.  The number of cards carrying over will reset for the playoffs, and then the same rule applies to the playoffs (1 red card equals 2 yellow cards).

LAW 13: Method of Scoring

  1. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided that no infringement of the Laws of the Game has been committed previously by the team scoring the goal.
  2. Winning team: The team scoring the greater number of goals during a match is the winner. If both teams score an equal number of goals, or if no goals are scored, the match is drawn and will continue on to Penalty Kicks as outlined above.


In regular season play there will be NO overtime games.  Standings in the league will be determined by:

GAME POINTS: 3 points for a win, 0 points for a loss

FORFEIT: A forfeit will be awarded as a win to the opposing team with a 7 point goal differential. (i.e. 3 points for a win with a score of 7 - 0.)


  1. Head to head competition
  2. Net goal differential (a maximum of 7 goals in differential per game will apply)
  3. Score is 7-0, winning team would have +7, losing team -7
  4. Score is 10-0, winning team would have +7, losing team –7
  5. Kicks from the penalty mark per FIFA rules.

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