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NYSA Parent Resources

Parent Involvement

HSC: NYSA Parents Play Important Role in Supporting Players and Team!

HSC: NYSA Parents Play Important Role in Supporting Players and Team!

Parents can play many roles in sport: current or former athlete, coach, fan, motivator, role model or critic. A few studies have shown that family members may influence an athlete’s involvement and achievement in sport more than coaches. Make certain to take time to read (and adhere to) the Parents Code of Conduct. Together, we can work together to give your player(s) the most positive soccer experience possible!

Soccer 101 For Parents!

What was that whistle for? What's a legal throw in? Need help understanding offside?(<--No 's' by the way!)

Get the 411 with the "Laws of the Game Made Easy"!

Abuse Awareness Policies

Heartland Soccer Club: NYSA joins TN State Soccer and US Youth Soccer in adopting policies which help educate and raise awareness to help prevent child sexual abuse. All HSC: NYSA Board of Directors, coaches and adult referees are given the following resources as a part of this ongoing education. All HSC: NYSA parents are encouraged to review these materials as well -- particularly the victim grooming document. Please feel free to contact HSC: NYSA Board of Directors with any questions and concerns:

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Register your kids ages 3 - 18 for our upcoming season!

FAQ's for NYSA Soccer

Do you have questions about registering for our NYSA (youth) soccer program? Need to know season dates or more about policies? Start here!

Remember, Our Kids -- YOUR kids are Watching!

Youth Sports Referee Begins Movement to 'Take Back the Game from Parents.' This is definitely worth 5 minutes to watch! Let's all work together to keep the game POSITIVE for all our players.

Heartland Soccer Club: NYSA Sponsors

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